Dear Family of the Holy Cross…

advent-20141Dear Family of the Holy Cross Parish,

At the beginning of Advent, I was wondering what I could do to make this time different from any other time. Can Christmas decorations, twinkling lights, seasonal food and carol singing make any difference in my daily life? Surely they can! But it will not last for a long time and as soon as Christmas holidays end, decorations and lights will be removed from our houses and the city streets and put away in our store rooms till next year. Our life will be back to normal.

On Christmas Day we celebrate the Incarnation of God’s Son who took our human nature and flesh. This miracle did not happen only once upon a time…!

The miracle of Christmas is happening every day in our Christian life. Every day on the altars of the world the Word is coming to dwell among us.

We are living Bethlehems, I am a living Bethlehem — Jesus is born in me every time I receive Him during the Eucharist and I welcome Him inside my heart, under my roof. This is the real meaning of Christmas; this Christmas will never end, even as the season’s gifts and celebrations are forgotten. Our joy will continue; so when we sing: “Give love on Christmas day…”, we should give it every day because Jesus is coming to our hearts and our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts every day.

I wish for you and your loved ones to feel the Christmas spirit of joy and love every day of the New Year 2015.

Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm

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