Holy Cross Protective Measures against the New Coronavirus

Protective measures against the new coronavirus
In order to protect the faithful against the new coronavirus and in line with the measures announced by the authorities, the following protective measures are being implemented by our Church in Cyprus with immediate effect and until further notice:
The Sunday Holy Mass will be celebrated in the church for a maximum number of 75 faithful, and in the Presbytery Gardens (by the Grotto of Our Lady), at the following times:  8am (English) and 10.30am (English).
The Sunday 9.30am Holy Mass in Greek and 12 midday Holy Mass in English will be celebrated only in the church for a maximum number of 75 faithful.
Also, on Saturday and on Sunday at 6.30pm the Holy Mass will be celebrated only in the church, in English, again for a maximum number of 75 faithful.  
The Come & See activities and the family and children’s Holy Mass of Saturday 6.30pm are being suspended until the end of March and further information will be provided in due course.
The various parish groups are also advised to suspend their activities accordingly.
The Lenten Bible Study by Fr Peter will be offered only by email now and for this purpose you can send him an email at frpastpeter@yahoo.co.uk with the title ‘re: Bible study’.  Send him an email also if you wish to be part of one of the Bible study groups, indicating  your day of preference (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday).  Fr Peter will send summaries of what was already covered, and then he will prepare teachings, week by week, and also answer any questions you send to him by email.  (If you are happy that he send the answer to everyone, please indicate this, or else say “this question is just for me” and he will reply to you personally.)
The Lenten Pilgrimage, which was to take place on 1 April 2020, is cancelled for this year.
Furthermore, Holy Communion will be given only in the hand (not on the tongue).
During the liturgies there should be no handshakes or the holding of hands; instead, the sign of peace can be given by a bow of the head.
In these days of real risk of infection, we advise those of our faithful who are most vulnerable, especially the elderly, and all with any symptoms of sickness, to stay at home and refrain from coming to the church.  They may take part in the Holy Mass through the media, television broadcasts or the internet. 
It is also noted that every effort is being made to begin transmissions of the Holy Cross liturgies through webcasts, the soonest possible.
We pray with faith, as we journey through Lent, through the intercession of Our Lady, for the Lord’s protection and hope that these measures will not be necessary for long.

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