Parish Council – Annual Plan, News & Messages

The Annual Plan of the Holy Cross Parish Council for the year 2013, this special year which has been proclaimed as the the Year of Faith by Pope Benedict XVI, is being put together at this time. It will include many good things; the best of what was introduced and received well in our parish over the last year or so, as well as other items for the spiritual benefit of the people of God in our parish of the Holy Cross – you can also email us any good suggestions you may have in this respect at

A week to be entitled Laity Week will also be introduced in which we will be focusing on the Christian faith as lived and witnessed by lay Christians in their lives in practice, the issues they face and their call to experience and witness the wonders of Christianity in their life personally. Because all the baptised, every Christian, whether consecrated religious or lay, married or single, young or old, have the same fundamental call, to live and witness to the world the love, mercy and power of Jesus Christ to save and to transform our lives through the faith!

A meeting of all the groups in our parish will be scheduled too, in the context of prayer, seeking the love and the unity the Lord is calling us to live together as His chosen people.

Finally, on Friday 1 February 2013, the Holy Cross Movie Nights continue with a brilliant, most inspiring movie on the life of St Bernadette of Lourdes (see below) – do not miss it!

We ask you to pray for our Parish, our priests and for each one of us – may the Lord protect us strongly and bless us abundantly always with His mercy! May the Lord always bless you!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)


AT 7.15 PM


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