Holy Cross ChurchWelcome to Holy Cross Parish in Nicosia, Cyprus!  With joy and faith we offer our website to you, for your spiritual growth, Christian formation and information on our everyday life. Holy Cross is a unique parish. People from fifty different nations come to Holy Cross church and Mass is celebrated in eight different languages. Our characteristics, as a Catholic parish, are: openness, diversity, unity and faith, as we follow Jesus Christ with joy.

Please join us in our celebrations! You are invited to come and pray in our beautiful and silent church. See you soon!

Fr Andrew Arhin, ofm
Parish Priest


Holy Cross Parish Council – News & Messages

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS & MESSAGES The Parish Council met on 23rd September 2020 and the Agenda included numerous items, such as the issue of the coronavirus measures as they affect our Parish, the catechesis for the children, the preparation of the Holy Cross 2021 Calendar, the Annual Plan of the … Read More

Holy Cross Liturgy Ministry

Liturgy Ministry at the Holy Cross – Request for Volunteers The Holy Cross Liturgy Ministry comprises of volunteers who serve our Parish as readers, psalmists, altar servants, collectors and usherers, dedicating themselves in this ministry to the service of God and man. Meetings take place every first Sunday of the … Read More

Important – Holy Cross Church Reopens!

IMPORTANT – HOLY CROSS CHURCH REOPENS  Holy  Cross Church in Nicosia opens again today, 21 August 2020, after being given the all clear following a period of cautionary quarantine, to fully protect the community for COVID19. So liturgies will resume as normal, with this evening’s, Friday’s Holy Eucharist to be … Read More

Important Announcement

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT In an abundance of caution and to keep the community safe, Holy Cross Church in Nicosia will be closed from August 10 to August 24 to quarantine for COVID19. The church and gardens will be closed to all activities including worship, but we will continue our prayers for … Read More

Correctly use your face mask – Videos

Medical experts strongly stress how important it is to correctly use and wear our face masks for effective protection.   See also link below (double click on it) for more information and guidance: https://www.pio.gov.cy/coronavirus/en/ … Read More