Holy Cross Movie Night – Friday 7 December

Movie Night
Following the enthusiam with which the first Holy Cross Movie Night was received, the Holy Cross Movie Nights continue!

The December Movie Night will take place on Friday 7 December 2012, the first Friday of the month of December.

You are invited to come and enjoy it, in St Francis Hall on 7 December, after the evening mass.  Our December movie will be “THE NATIVITY STORY”, to begin at about 7.15pm.

It is a visually magnificent movie, deeply reverential, to  introduce us into the Season of Advent, a time of hope for each of us called to experience personally and intimately in our own life the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, to perform wonders for us today!

Come with your family and friends, relax and enjoy! Friday, 7 December,  in St Francis Hall, at 7.15 pm, “The Nativity Story”. Do not miss it!

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