All are invited … Farewell & Welcome!

All are invited … 

Farewell to Fr. Andrew and Fr. Garret  

Welcome to newly arrived Franciscans 

Following all the Sunday Masses on September 7 (Vigil Mass) and September 8 in St. Francis Hall


* * * * *

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Later this month (14 15 September) the Parish community will celebrate the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross. The week before that celebration, a new community of Franciscan Friars, who replace Fr. Andrew and me as we move on to our new assignments, will be mostly in place. It will be a whole new group of Franciscans (see inside for details) who will come here to continue the life of fraternity and mission which has been the service of the Friars at Holy Cross in Nicosia for hundreds of years. The commitment of the Franciscans to our life with the people here in Nicosia can be seen in the increase of the number of Franciscans who are assigned here, to five.

The arrival of this new group of Friars is a time of grace for the Parish and for the Franciscans who will be coming to live among you. After prayerful discernment, those responsible for appointing the Pastoral Ministers for the Latin Catholic Church in Nicosia, have selected these men to live and minister here.  May you not only welcome them, but resolve to cooperate with these chosen men as they lead the Parish in the ways of God and His Church. God can and will use this time of change to bless His people.

As Fr. Andrew and I move on, we thank you for your kindness to us. For my failings and any offense I may have given, I am truly sorry and ask your forgiveness. Fr. Andrew goes to Limassol to be Parish Priest there and I return to my ministries in Jerusalem and Washington, D.C.

Please pray for us and be assured that we will continue to hold you and Holy Cross Parish in our prayers.

Fr Garret Edmunds



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