Greetings to everyone!

Greetings to everyone! This month of October 2012 we have great news for everyone in our Parish and beyond. Beginning 4 October 2012, the day we celebrate the great feast of St Francis of Assisi, we launch the Holy Cross Parish Website which has been a priority of the Parish Council’s Annual Plan for 2012.

We encourage you to visit our website, to tell others about it and to make good and regular use of it. We hope it will inform you well and also help you deepen your spiritual life, and will bring you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and the faith we profess. There you will find a wealth of information, including information about our Church, its people and its history, the Sunday celebrations, the other liturgies and activities, the sacraments, the various Groups of our Parish and the Parish Council, contact information, as well as news items and articles regularly updated, pictures of our church and the life of our Parish. Most importantly also, you will be able to read the scripture readings and pray the prayers of the Church everyday, to follow the feasts of the Church and know the lives of the Saints we celebrate, consult the Calendar and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, find and read Christian electronic books and much more! We welcome you warmly to the Holy Cross Parish Website which we aim to develop continually! We thank the Lord and we ask Him to bless you abundantly always,

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman of the Parish Council)

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