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The Parish Council met on Saturday 21 September 2013, after the summer recess and welcomed with great joy our new Parish Priest, Fr Zacheusz Dulniok. After the opening prayers and a short introduction he briefly presented to the Council all the new Franciscan priests now based at our Parish of the Holy Cross. Fr Zacheusz then expressed his definite desire to have the Parish Council continue to work, collaborate with him and support him in the pastoral ministry in our Parish of the Holy Cross, the biggest Roman Catholic Parish in Cyprus, in order better serve the people of God and enter together into the mission we are all called to have as devoted followers of Jesus Christ in our world today in sincere communion with each other and with Him.

Given this, the meeting Parish Council continued and the members were shown a few short videos on the purpose, mission, vision, work and experience of Parish Pastoral Councils in different parts of the world, in the words of two specialist scholars, a Cardinal Archbishop and two Parish Priests. These presentations and experiences were extremely helpful and inspiring, also confirming the basis on which the Holy Cross Parish Council is working as well as the fundamental need for consultation, prayer and discernment among us, consecrated religious and lay Christians, for the benefit of our whole Parish and its people. Each member of the Parish Council then undertook to pray and think about the vision for our Parish and its mission and to also come to the next meeting in October with one or two specific proposals as to what would be desirable to see introduced/promoted/strengthened/change/improve at Holy Cross, for the Parish Council to consider and plan. It is stressed that every parishioner is encouraged to also write and post their letter/note with their ideas/proposals in the Suggestions’ Box, reinstalled securely at the entrance of the church or send an email to holcrossparishcouncil@yahoo.com.

It was then noted that for the Holy Cross Parish Calendar for 2014 we need to start work now so that, by the next meeting of the Parish Council, the different contributions can be finalized for the Calendar to be available at the beginning of Advent.

The Movie Nights were also discussed and they will resume on Friday, 11 October 2013, after the evening mass, at 7.15pm in St Francis Hall with a truly wonderful movie on the apparitions and the miracles of our Lady of Fatima. Refreshments and snacks will also be offered and everyone is welcome!

Finally some practical issues were briefly discussed, including the accommodation needs of the different groups on Sundays and the importance of the faithful, active participation and positive contribution of all the members of the Parish Council and the meeting closed with a reading from the Holy Gospel and prayers.

Once more, we wish all our new priests at Holy Cross every blessing from the Lord in their mission among us and as we begin anew in the Parish Council we humbly ask you to remember and to pray for us before the Lord! May God always bless you and your loved one abundantly!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)


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