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The Parish Council met on 23rd September 2020 and the Agenda included numerous items, such as the issue of the coronavirus measures as they affect our Parish, the catechesis for the children, the preparation of the Holy Cross 2021 Calendar, the Annual Plan of the Parish Council, the Movie Nights, the Facebook and YouTube live broadcasts of liturgies and other matters.

It was stressed how important it is, for the protective measures imposed by the authorities regarding the coronavirus crisis, to be faithfully followed, especially at the liturgies, by everyone at the Holy Cross. 

It was noted how this crisis requires us to also adapt the Annual Plan of the Parish Council, the various activities and events to be reconsidered to be organised as far as possible in a way appropriate to the circumstances at this time.

Given this, it was decided, instead of the normally organised Holy Cross Advent Retreat, in view of the circumstances, this year to have an Advent Recollection transmitted live on the internet also, so that all parishioners can join and benefit spiritually.

Furthermore, it was decided, instead of the Movie Nights normally organised on the first Friday of each month, to have at this time, a monthly specific reference to the Life of a Saint, with an appropriate video, posted on the Holy Cross website, to inspire us in the faith, the hope and the love we are called to live as Christians.

Regarding the children catechesis, in addition to the first Holy Communion and confirmation groups, it was decided for the other children (post first Holy Communion) to also have weekly catechesis sessions online, starting on the third Saturday of October 2020 as well.

Also, the technicalities still required for the live webcasts of the Holy Eucharist to be transmitted on the Facebook page and, as well, as soon as possible, on the YouTube channel of the Holy Cross were discussed.  It was noted that the scheduled live transmissions of the liturgies at the Holy Cross would be taking place every Wednesday evening, Saturday evening (the family mass) and for the Sunday morning mass at 10.30am.  

We hope and pray for the Lord to help and protect each one of us at this time especially, our priests and religious and all the faithful, to serve and praise Him always. May He shower upon us in His endless Mercy, His Holy Spirit, with its fruits and its gifts abundantly.

Akis Hjiiossif (Chairman of the Parish Council)
– email: holcrossparishcouncil@yahoo.com

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