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parish councilOn Pentecost Sunday the Parish Council met at St Joseph’s Convent for the initial session of a series of meetings intended to foster the unity and cooperation we are called to live as devoted Christians within our Parish of the Holy Cross. The meeting was led by an experienced facilitator in order to enhance its effectiveness for the benefit of everyone involved.

The meeting started with a few words of introduction by the facilitator and each member then briefly explained who they are and what they do in our Parish. We then each answered anonymously three questions regarding our concerns, our expectations of the session and what we consider to be the one most important thing about our faith. After an analysis of the answers, an exercise in small groups was performed focusing on ways and activities which can help us unite and cooperate, on how the Parish Council can practically help to promote them and on the vision we have for our Parish of the Holy Cross. A discussion followed the presentation from each group and an action plan was proposed as a practical way forward. The Parish was described as a beautiful mosaic with each of its constituent parts being well respected, with the Parish Council input being important too in promoting ways and activities to unite, protect and support it. The need for consideration and clarification of the role and vision of the Parish Council was highlighted also, given the different views expressed about it, seeking the good experience of others too in this respect.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in September 2013 and the discussion will include the proposed Parish Pilgrimage, the Bible Study sessions, the Laity Week and the Parish Fair, as well as the role and vision of the Parish Council as mentioned above. The Movie Nights will also resume in the Autumn, with a new array of wonderful movies on the lives of the Saints to inspire us in our call to follow Jesus Christ and to personally live the faith deeply.

May the Lord bless you and each one of us in His mercy, strengthen and support us, our priests, our families, all His people in our Parish of the Holy Cross and throughout His Holy Church always! Have a wonderful Summer! Pray for us too!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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