Lent 2015

LentDear Family of Nicosia and Kyrenia Parishes,

Every day our life is becoming more unbearable and so noisy. We are surrounded by the street noise of cars and traffic, the sound of horns, wail of sirens, loud music, breaking news, mobile and iPod ring tones, notification alerts, etc. Don’t you have the impression that you cannot breath anymore?

In this season of Lent we are invited to enter into the desert; a quiet place, full of sun, wonderful blue sky. No no; this is not an invitation to go on holiday. We are invited to enter into a place with less of ourselves and with more of God!

A desert is a very dangerous place; isolated, uninhabited, hot during the day and cold by night, with no water, with countless dangerous and wild, hungry animals. God sent the Israelites to the desert to be purified, and His Son Jesus to ready himself before his public mission. He needed to face the temptations by the devil in the desert.

Let us find a deserted place for ourselves in our life this Lent; a place where we can be alone with God, a place which will help us to discover the truth of ourselves.

Many people are afraid to be alone in silence because God speaks in silence. Let us not be afraid because God has something very important to tell us: “I died for you because I love you, you are very important and precious to me”.

I hope we can find a place for ourselves where we will be able to listen to God’s voice.

Do not harden your hearts!

Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm

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