Message from Fr Garret OFM

Since I arrived in Cyprus and to Holy Cross Parish three weeks ago the people of the Parish, both those I knew from my time here before and those of you I have met for the first time have been gracious and generous in your welcome. For this I thank you all.

Fr. Evencio departed Cyprus last Wednesday. In the days since I arrived I have come to know the extraordinary pastoral zeal with which he exercised his ministry as Parish Priest here at Holy Cross Parish in Nicosia. It was his heartfelt desire that after spending some time with his family in the USA, he would return to Holy Cross and Nicosia to continue his work here.

Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M., Custos of the Holy Land, has asked Fr. Evencio to live and minister at the house of the Franciscans of the Holy Land in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the way of life for the Franciscans that we accept the will of those who lead us and the Church. Fr. Evencio therefore has accepted this new assignment and after his visit with his family will not return to Cyprus but move on to Argentina. Fr. Custos has appointed me the new Parish Priest, pro tem, until the time of the Chapter of the Franciscans in July.

With grateful hearts for his time and ministry here, let us continue to hold Fr. Evencio, his life and his work, in our prayers.

Fr. Garret, O.F.M.

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