My dear friends…

My dear friends,
VocationsThe month of April is opening the whole of God’s creation to a new life. We have received once more the gift –offered to us by the Church– of celebrating and living the season of Lent in order to ready and open ourselves for the greatest gift of new life conquered for us by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Jesus died for us and for our sins on the cross and the beautiful cross, placed in the centre of our Holy Cross church reminds us always about this truth: that God loves us to the point of sacrificing His only son for us sinners.
We can experience our Lenten journey within our Parish community life thanks to all the opportunities for prayer, devotion, fasting and almsgiving that the Church is offering us during this time. However, the Lenten season is also a personal moment for each one of us, because Jesus paid for the sins of each one of us personally. Let us pray that we may (re)discover during this period the weakest points in our lives and through works of mercy, spiritual and material, find a way to repent, to come back to God and to reconcile with our neighbors.
I wish to all of us a blessed and fruitful time of good changes in our lives.
Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm

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