My Dear Friends in Christ…

CIMG0025My Dear Friends in Christ, Jesus said to Mary in Bethany: “I am the Resurrection and the Life, do you believe this?” We all repeat after her: “Yes Lord, I believe!” This is the main purpose of our faith and hope: that
Jesus is the first fruit from those who have died, that he is risen from death to life, and that we will follow after Him.

Otherwise our faith will be empty and without hope for the future. In the month of November we raise our prayers for our loved ones, who preceded us in this earthly pilgrimage to the Father’s house.

We know that our devoted prayers, and especially the sacrifice of Jesus Christ during the Eucharist and Holy Communion offered for the dead, can help them enter earlier into the joy of Heaven.

We want to prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus Christ, King of the universe, and during the time of Advent to prepare ourselves for His second coming at the end of the world in His glory and power. May these special occasions help us reflect on where we are going and on our
vision for our future life.

Fr. Zacheusz, OFM

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