My Dear Parishioners and Friends…

My Dear Parishioners and Friends,

holy-familyThe month of February gives the impression of winter hibernation and melancholy but in reality it is a very rich and bright month. We will celebrate the Presentation of Jesus who is the true “Light of God” (2 February) and on that day we will solemnly conclude the Year of Consecrated Life together with all the religious and consecrated people.

This year the beginning of the Lenten season for us in Cyprus, who celebrate Easter following the Greek Orthodox calendar, will differ from the Gregorian (Western) calendar by five weeks, with Ash Wednesday falling on 16 March. Those who want to celebrate Easter following the Gregorian calendar can do so by attending the liturgies and ceremonies in our parishes in Kyrenia, Paphos or Famagusta.

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we want to be closer to the elderly and those who suffer. We will show our love, compassion and solidarity with them during our annual Mass for the memorial of our Lady of Lourdes.

May the true light of Jesus guide us and strengthen us to renew our consecration to God the Father through the prayers of our beloved Mother Mary.

Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm

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