New Franciscan Community at Holy Cross

Holy Chross ChurchDuring the month of September the new Franciscan Community of Holy Cross in Nicosia will take its
form.  Here is a quick introduction to the five Friars who will live here.

– Fr. Jerzy (George) Kraj is the new Guardian (Superior of the Community) and delegate for the
Custos of the Holy Land. Fr. George is originally from Poland, comes to us from Jerusalem where
he has been director of the Christian Information Center.
– Fr. Zacheusz Dulniok is also Polish, and the new Parish Priest. Fr. Zach has been the Parish
Priest in Larnaca and was previously stationed in Nicosia at both the Parish and Terra Santa
– Fr. Danielemosé Schroder will be Vicar of the Franciscans Community here and Assistant Parish
Priest. He comes to us from Jerusalem and is originally from Georgia in the USA. While stationed at
St. Anthony Parish in Jaffa, Fr. Mosé had a successful ministry with foreign workers, an experience
that will serve him well here at Holy Cross.
– Fr. Wilhelm Fornal returns to Cyprus from Nazareth. The third Pole in the new community,
Fr. William was previously assigned to Holy Cross Parish and served as Parish Priest in Larnaca
several years ago and will also be Assistant Parish Priest.
– The fifth member of the Franciscan Family here is Fr. Andrew Verdote, a Canadian of Filipino
descent. Fr. Andrew has been Parish Priest in Limassol, was previously stationed at Holy Cross,
and will now serve as head of school at Terra Santa College here in Nicosia.

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