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The last meeting of the Parish Council was held on Saturday 20.2.2016. After the opening prayer and the approval of the minutes of the January meeting, the Parish Council noted, discussed and decided, concerning a number of issues included in its Agenda, as follows:

– the Holy Cross Movie Night for March 2016 will feature a movie on the life of one of the most inspiring saints for young and old alike, St Maria Goretti, to be screened on the first Friday of March at 7.15pm;
– the possibility of providing to parishioners as a guide/assistance for Lent booklet, with daily readings, meditations, prayers etc was discussed and would be explored further;
– the Holy Cross Lenten Pilgrimage was confirmed to take place on Friday, 1 April 2016, a public holiday, to the Catholic Maronite village of Kormakitis and the Holy Door opened for the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the old church of St George, at a cost of 10 euro per person, names to be registered by 25 March 2016 at the latest;
– the Holy Friday Way of the Cross drama was discussed and a number of suggestions for this year’s drama were made;
– the Holy Cross Parish Website ( which is being fully updated, would be complemented with an application for smartphones, which the Parish Council will endeavour to create as part of its 2016 Annual Plan.

Finally, for those parishioners who would like to receive information/news/notices from the Holy Cross by email, they can subscribe to the “Holy Cross Information Service” by sending their email address to the email of the Parish Council ( or by writing it on the appropriate form which will be placed on the Parish Bulletin Board by the entrance of the church.

The Parish Council meeting closed with prayers, a random reading from the Gospel and the blessing. We pray for our parish, our priests and all its people. May the Lord bless and accompany us each step of the way, to witness Him strongly in the world in which we live today!

 Akis Hjiiossif (Chairman of the Parish Council – email:

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