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San Damiano CrossI am writing this report from the hospital this time where my father is going through a very hard time with his health and I feel the need to first of all warmly thank each one of you, our priests, religious and every brother and sister in our parish and beyond for your care, concern and, above all, for your prayers.  It is especially at times like these, which we all sooner or later as human beings inevitably have to go through, that the love which unites us as Christians in our church manifests itself even more strongly and that the Lord appears, to tell us that we are not alone, that we have each other and that He never abandons His people; that He and His Church are with us always, to the end of time, united in His love as one!

On Sunday, 22 June 2014, you must have also experienced at our parish, during the official Holy Cross Parish Lunch and entertainment program involving the whole parish and all the groups, organized by the Parish Council for the first time, in the presbytery gardens, how the spirit of the Lord can really unite us.  How, through the Christian faith we profess, however diverse we are, from every corner of the world and from every walk of life, the Lord can break all the barriers the world builds around us, barriers of race, age, colour, education and class, to create communion between us and to make us one people, His people, called to love and live the faith in different ways in His Church.  

The Parish Council met on Saturday, 21 June 2014 and after an opening prayer, a proclamation from the Book of Psalms and the approval of the minutes of the previous month, continued with the other items on the Agenda. In addition to discussing the final preparations and program for the official Holy Cross Parish Lunch, the Agenda included proposals for the Movie Nights from September 2014, the Feast of the Holy Cross and an action plan for the Summer.

For the Movie Nights various great movies were proposed including a movie on the life of the St Thomas the Apostle, on King David, on St Joseph and on the life of Jesus himself.  Regarding the Feast of the Holy Cross which will be on 14 September, a Sunday this year, the possibility of a parish pilgrimage on the Saturday preceding the feast was discussed and will be further considered soon. About the action plan for the Summer it was agreed for every member of the Parish Council to be praying for our parish and the work of the Parish Council and to come up with some proposals for the next Annual Plan of the Parish Council to be discussed in the Autumn 2014. 

The Parish Council meeting concluded with prayers, a random reading from the Gospel of John and the blessing.  May the Lord always shower countless graces upon our parish and each one of us, may He bless us with the fullness of His Spirit to witness Him, His mercy and power, in our life everyday as the Risen Lord who saves us and provides for us abundantly!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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