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croce-itinerante1Greetings to everyone on behalf of all of us on the Parish Council. The Summer is almost behind us and we hope you had the chance to really rest for a while, to stop from the normal everyday pressing activities and concerns and to live for some time in a different way, to relax, to consider and appreciate this life and this world in another way, to meditate, to pray, to be refreshed and to receive strength for the new year which is beginning.

We on the Parish Council also have a wonderful new year ahead of us to plan and to work in the spirit we are called, to serve in the Church and in our parish of the Holy Cross, to give our best with the help of the Lord. We will be meeting this month on 27 September 2014, after the great feast of the Holy Cross, to pray and to consider the Annual Plan of the Parish Council. Already in our last meeting in June, we agreed that for the Summer months, every member of the Parish Council was to be praying for our Parish and the work of the Parish Council, to be inspired and to come up with some proposals for the next Annual Plan to be discussed in the Autumn 2014. 

We also ask each one of you to pray and consider such proposals for the Annual Plan of the Parish Council, to write them down and to post them in the Suggestion Box at the entrance of the church or to email them to us at, or give them to member of the Parish Council.

In the meantime, we will have the Movie Night on 5 September 2014, the first Friday of the month, at 7.15pm after the evening mass, with a great movies on the life of the St Thomas the Apostle. Everyone is welcome and refreshments and snacks will be offered at the interval as always.

We wish our Parish and to all its people every blessing on the feast of the the Holy Cross and pray that the Lord always showers countless graces upon each one of us as the new year begins. May He bless us with the fullness of His Spirit to experience, to serve and witness Him, the Risen Lord, His mercy and power in our life everyday!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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