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frontThe Parish Council met on Saturday, 17th January 2015. After the opening prayer and a reading from the Book of Psalms, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the meeting continued with the other items on the Agenda. These included the 2015 Annual Plan, the Holy Cross Parish Register, the parish pilgrimage for Lent, the Parish Calendar and the Movie Nights for 2015.

With respect to the Annual Plan, it was decided that in order to prepare better for the different events planned for 2015 we will aim to make the arrangements for each event as early as possible. The Annual Plan for 2015 will include the official Holy Cross Parish Lunch, the Good Friday drama of the Way of the Cross, parish pilgrimages, live transmission of important events of our Church involving the Pope, the monthly Movie Nights, the appropriate development of the Holy Cross Parish Register and evangelisation.

Furthermore, it was suggested that a “Holy Cross Information Service” should be started, through which interested parishioners could be personally, electronically informed about different events/announcements concerning our parish.

Regarding the Parish Calendar which has proved so popular, it was suggested that the 2016 Calendar could cover not just our parish of the Holy Cross, but the whole of the Latin Church in Cyprus.

A few copies of the 2015 Calendar, dedicated to the “Consecrated & Family Life”, are still available for purchase at Holy Cross.

It was also noted that the Movie Nights for 2015, for which various movies were proposed and discussed, will begin on Friday, 6th February 2015 with a really wonderful movie on the life of St Bernadette Soubirous and Lourdes, to be shown after the evening Mass at about 7.15pm in St Francis Hall. Refreshments with snacks will be offered in the interval and everyone is welcome!

Finally, regarding the development of the Holy parish councilCross Parish Register, it was decided that the Executive Members of the Council would have a separate meeting to discuss and take this forward with an appropriately drafted registration form.

We wish you abundant graces from the Lord and we implore Him to bless and protect each one of us, our priests, our Parish and all its people through His mercy. May we experience His presence, power and love more deeply every day and may we always witness to Him more strongly in the world around us! Pray for us on the Parish Council too!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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