Parish Council News & this Friday’s Movie Night




AT 7.15 PM



The Parish Council met on Saturday 25 May 2013 and the Agenda included the following issues: the meeting fixed for June regarding the fostering of unity and cooperation among us in our Parish of the Holy Cross, consideration and discussion regarding the role of the Parish Council, the Movie Night for the first Friday of June 2013, the more specific scheduling and organisation of the Parish Pilgrimage, the suggestions’ box, the Bible study proposed and the experience in the Parish of Holy Week and Easter this year.

With respect to the meeting for unity and cooperation it was noted that after a meeting with the specialist facilitator this will finally take place on 23 June in the afternoon and that this meeting would be the first in a series of meetings to deal with this issue effectively.  The Movie Night for June will take place on 7th June, which is the first Friday of the month and it will be in St Francis Hall, at 7.15pm, It will feature a movie on the life of St Anthony of Padua whose feast we celebrate in June and St Anthony’s Benevolent Society will be offering the drinks and snacks during the interval. Regarding the proposal for Bible study it was noted that more research into what would be best to use is needed before we proceed. For the Parish Pilgrimage it was agreed that the 28th October 2013 which is a Monday and a public holiday in Cyprus would be a better day for it and that a team would be set up to prepare well for it. The role of the Parish Council was then discussed as well as the experience of Holy Week and Easter and different views were noted.  It was also agreed that the suggestions’ box, which was previously stolen, would be replaced and fixed at the entrance of the church.

The meeting ended with a Gospel at random, prayers and the blessing.  Pray for us and for our Parish, our priests and our people. May we truly be the People of God and may the Risen Lord bless, strengthen and support us always in His Mercy!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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