Catholic Charismatic Renewal

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group was founded on October 19, 1994 in Larnaca and on October 17, 1995 in Nicosia. We meet every Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm praising God and thanking Him for His continuous goodness to us. During this meeting we hold our praise & worship, testimonies, listening to the Word of God and healing prayers.

Our prayer meetings take place at our “TCCR House of Prayer” at 9 – 11 Ayios Ioanni St., Larnaca, about 150 meters from the Terra Santa Catholic Church. In Nicosia we meet at 12 Agiou Marona St, Flat 1 – 1st floor, just opposite the Maronite church.

Our prayer meetings are full of joy and enthusiasm, praising God, singing and dancing for the Lord, giving Him all the glory, the highest honour and the highest praise!

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal aims to set up a foundation of unity and love among our brothers and sisters in Christ, to seek unity and come together as one body in helping each other by sharing the Scriptures, teaching, preaching and counselling to those in need of the truth of the living Word of God.

Our VISION: a strong fellowship and closer relationships and friendships among all Christians in Cyprus.

Our MISSION: to work together in order to further the Kingdom of God. We believe in the application of what God commands us to do, i.e. “Love one another” because love is a perfect bond of unity” (Col. 3:14).

to support our members and their families through moral, psychological, financial and spiritual assistance.

Our PRAYER: to see all Catholics and other Christians uniting and living together in harmony with other believers. It is also our prayer to the Lord to provide us an opportunity to work with other Christians. We need to lift each other up and be united in Christ!

Our Spiritual Director is Rev. Father Zacheusz Dulniok OFM , Parish Priest of Holy Cross Catholic Church in Nicosia. Our Overall Spiritual Leader is Cora Artemi (tel. 99486032), the Group Coordinator in Larnaca is Josie Milarpis (tel. 99147124 ) and Myrlene Garcia is the Group Coordinator in Nicosia (tel. 96373965).

Everyone is invited and welcome to praise and worship the Lord with us and be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Your life will never be the same again.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal