Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community

The Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community

Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community

The Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community was organized last April 9, 2009 with the following purposes: to promote friendship and cooperation among the groups forming the Filipino/English speaking community of Catholic Charismatic Community; to sustain a closer relationship between the coordination of groups of Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community; to provide spiritual and community services to other overseas Filipino workers and to foster a spirit of love and responsibility; to give members the opportunity to develop their talents through activity programs and thanks to scholarships; to promote and organize activities of social, cultural, civic and religious nature answering the needs and interest of the members, especially those of the Filipino migrant domestic workers.

The group meets every Sunday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm at St Francis hall. This is a rapidly growing group. The activities begin with Holy Rosary prayer followed by the praise and worship service. The Word of God for that particular Sunday is the most important part that is the most proclaimed, explored, and shared with everybody. Once a month, particularly on the first Sunday, our adviser Rev. Fr. Andrew Arhin ofm is invited to teach the community members. On the third Sunday we have the Bible Sharing Schedule.

The group participates in the Filipino community Mass every second Sunday of the month. The community is able to help migrant domestic helpers find a place like a home away from home and can bring Jesus into their lives. The members are guided spiritually and are able to develop their potential talents and skills through various program activities.

The Holy Cross Catholic Charismatic Community invites everyone to come and join, and feel the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and be blessed. Anyone interested may contact our spiritual director Fr. Zacheusz Dulniok or group Coordinator Primrose Reganit: 99879354.