Pastoral Ministries


Mass intentions

Please see the celebrant before Mass. A donation is appreciated.

Religious Instruction

Parents are the most important religious educators. They have the responsibility to lead their children to form a strong relationship with God and awaken in them the awareness of the living presence of Jesus. To support this responsibility we organise religious instruction classes.

Contacts for these classes are as follows

  • In Greek and French Languages – Terra Santa School, Tel 22421100
  • In English – St. Joseph’s Convent Tel. 22668338
  • In Sinhala – Sisters Of Perpetual Help Tel. 22681811

Home visits

Please contact Fr. Andrew Arhin

Visits to the sick

Please contact Fr. Andrew Arhin

Visits to prisons

Visits to the Central Prison in Nicosia

In St. Mathew’s Gospel (chapter 25) Jesus tells us ‘I was sick and you visited me, in prison and you came to see me’. To live this gospel passage visits are made to the central prison. We have however to wait to receive a letter from the Prison Authorities which is sent on behalf of the inmates. Visits to Block 9 and 10 (for those detained for illegal stay in the country) are made when requested by the inmates or when the inmates are known personally to the priests and sisters.

St Joseph Social Centre

St Joseph Social Center

The Association for Support of Foreign Workers is a registered NGO. It runs a social centre whose aims are:

To reach out to the migrant worker in need of an open door, to provide advice and guidance as well as a combined social and recreational centre for all, irrespective of social or religious background.

To provide temporary and short-term shelter for those who find themselves without a roof due to difficulties with employers.

To develop the potential of the workers by giving different courses in the Greek and English languages.

To help the asylum seekers by providing food and clothing to those who knock on our door.

The centre is open for meetings as well as for religious and recreational activities.

To contact the Association – Tel. 22665055

13 Ayiou Marona Street
1010 Nicosia.


Caritas Cyprus

Caritas Cyprus is a part of the Caritas Internationalis confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organisations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. It is therefore a participant in a global movement working in solidarity for a fairer world, inspired by the example of Christian faith and Catholic Social Teaching. The 165 national Caritas members make the biggest network of Catholic charities in the world devoted to reducing poverty and campaigning for social justice.

Our parish unit, Caritas Holy Cross, desires to serve the local community in obedience to Jesus’ command: love one another. We have started our work with just a few volunteers but we hope that more helpers will join us soon.

We desire to serve the community without any discrimination or prejudice, and hope to be of help to many in various areas of their lives. We hope to reflect God’s compassion for the poor and oppressed and share God’s love with the underprivileged.

We would like to:

Act as a voice for the cause of the poor and oppressed following the example of Christ

Strive to transform the world into one of justice for the poor without regard to creed, race or gender

Work towards a liberation from everything that oppresses humankind

Draw inspiration from Christian Scripture, tradition and social teaching of the church, as well as the lived experience of those served

Caritas Holy Cross has recognized legal advice as one of the most pressing needs of our parishioners. In this particular area we have teamed up with the St. Joseph Social Centre – we support it and draw from their extensive experience.

Contact: Sr. Ethel Alwis

8 Ayiou Marona Str., Apartment 5,
Nicosia; P.O. Box 21964,
1010 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel 22 681811,


Opening hours: Tuesday 9am – 12pm, Friday 9am – 12pm

See also the general Caritas website:

Sri Lankan Community Ministry

Our Ministry in Cyprus by the Sisters of Perpetual Help

We are three Sisters from Sri Lanka in Cyprus. This mission in Cyprus for migrant workers was begun in 2003. We are in Cyprus because we want to help the Sri Lankan migrant workers who are here.

Our first and foremost mission is to take care of their spiritual needs. The migrant workers are spread in the four main cities. Monthly we visit the main churches of these cities to meet them. We also share the word of God and have the Holy Mass in the vernacular. There is a liturgical committee to organize the Holy Mass and special events together with the sisters.

The sisters are located in Nicosia and have opened a centre for these migrant workers as they face many problems due to work they are involved in. The Perpetual help Centre is a gathering place for the people. People come here to discuss their problems, pray together, for socialization, and to hold meetings. It is also a place for personal encounters. We are eager to listen to their tale of woe and give a helping hand. The centre is also a safe place for women and girls who need to stay over for a week or two due to problems in their working places or when they suddenly lose their job.

We also help the migrant workers’ children in their religious education to develop as God centered people from a young age.

A Sri Lankan Priest is invited for Christmas and Easter to meet the spiritual needs of the people. During that time the work is intensified as the priest conducts daily masses in houses and meets people.

Our expectation is that the migrants will be able to achieve what they came for and be strong spiritually.

Contact: Sr. Victorine Rodrigo:  Tel: 22681811 and 978056219 ; Email:
Sri Lankan community


Please contact the parish office for the necessary arrangements. We usually celebrate Mass for the deceased person. We also have a service at the New Catholic Cemetery in Tseri.