Prayer for Christian Unity – At the Holy Cross


In this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity when all Christians all over the world pray for unity, you are also invited to the Ecumenical Liturgy at the Holy Cross, to call upon the mercy of the Lord and to pray deeply for Christian Unity, this Tuesday 22 January 2013, at 7pm.

It is a scandal that Christians are divided. The Lord is calling us, His people, to give the true signs of christian faith, the signs of Love and of Unity – to love as He loved us, to the point of death and to be united together with Him in the christian community, through the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and in our lives.

Let us pray together that we, each one of us personally and together as the christian community of our age, may be open to receive the grace to live as the Lord calls us, authentically, the christian faith, to be united as Christians, to witness and to give strongly the true signs of faith in our world today!

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