Summer is here for good!

machairas-photos-3-9My Dear Family of the Holy Cross,

Summer is here for good! Many of us identify summer with holidays, maybe because students have a long break from school or because it is really very hot, and we decide “to go” somewhere for a vacation. I know it is good to go and visit different places and travel to other countries and to have nice adventures. But what we need the most is time for ourselves to rest and relax, to do things for ourselves that usually we don’t have time to do, and to spend time with our families and friends.

Our materialistic and consumer mentality is directed only to working as much as we can to get more and more for our living. We often forget to rest and pause for a moment. God rested after creating the universe.  He made a day of rest holy (Sunday). Our summer time is called “holiday” because it must be for us a holy time and a time to give to our families and friends what they need: ourselves and our abundant time.
Let us not forget either that during summer holidays we are still Christians. Before going anywhere let us make sure that wherever we are travelling there is a Catholic church in the area so that we can attend Sunday Mass. (For your information, see p. 2 of the Holy Cross July/August Newsletter for the schedule of Masses on the island of Cyprus).
I wish you a good rest and relaxation, to recharge your physical and spiritual batteries. I hope to see you all refreshed after summer.
Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm

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