The season of Advent


Dear Family of the Holy Cross Parish,

On the first day of December we began the Advent Season. Advent is a time of awaiting for the coming of the Lord. It is a time of grace which God is giving us again in our life. We are waiting for His second Parousia, his Second Coming.

The promised Messiah, the Anointed One, came once already in history, in concrete reality, in specific historical and geographical borders. Now we are waiting for His promises to be fulfilled, when He comes again during His second, glorious coming, accompanied by the heavenly and angelic hosts. It should be a joyful preparation for us. Someone may ask: how can I be happy in this time of worries, problems, crises, calamities and insecurity for the future?

The little child born in Bethlehem for us, already himself experienced all those trials. He came to become our strength, courage and peace in the midst of trials. Let us humble ourselves and kneel in front of the “Verbum caro factum est pro nobis”[The Word was made flesh for us]!

advent2013_ctr_web_2The four weeks of Advent will help us prepare ourselves and our Parish Community for this wonderful day of Christ’s birthday, through prayer, reflection and reconciliation. We will have the opportunity to participate in the parish penitential liturgy on Wednesday 4 December at 6:30 pm. Those who cannot come on that day will have the possibility to reconcile to God every day before or after the prayer services. Let us not ignore this time of grace. “Be on your guard, because you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of God will come” (cf. Mt. 25:13).

At the beginning of Advent, allow me to introduce with great joy the new schedule of Sunday and Weekly Prayer Services in our parish (see December 2013 Newsletter page 2). May it be for us a new time of spiritual changes!

I wish that all of us will use this time wisely so we can celebrate with great joy the Birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ and sing with joyful heart: “Gloria in excelsis Deo”!

Fr. Zacheusz M. Dulniok, ofm


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