Holy Cross ChurchWelcome to Holy Cross Parish in Nicosia, Cyprus!  With joy and faith we offer our website to you, for your spiritual growth, Christian formation and information on our everyday life. Holy Cross is a unique parish. People from fifty different nations come to Holy Cross church and Mass is celebrated in eight different languages. Our characteristics, as a Catholic parish, are: openness, diversity, unity and faith, as we follow Jesus Christ with joy.

Please join us in our celebrations! You are invited to come and pray in our beautiful and silent church. See you soon!

Fr Andrew Verdote, ofm
Parish Priest


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ…

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Special greetings to all birthday celebrants in November, 2018. Birthdays can still be exciting to celebrate even after having reached the age when most people would spend quiet time rather than have a party. Birthdays will always be beautiful when we appreciate the gift … Read More

Parish Council News & Messages

PARISH COUNCIL NEWS & MESSAGES The Parish Council met on 20 October 2018. The following items were on the agenda: 1. The Holy Cross Advent one-day Parish Retreat, which will take place on Saturday 1 December 2018, in St Francis Hall and be open to everyone who wants to deepen … Read More