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1 MARCH 2013

AT 7.15 PM


The Parish Council met on Saturday 16 February 2013 and the Agenda included a number of issues: the fostering of unity and cooperation among us in our Parish groups (and more specifically this time with respect to the use of the various Parish facilities especially on Sundays), the consideration of the priorities among the members of the Parish Council for the Annual Plan for 2013, the Movie Night for March and April 2013 and the Laity Week to be scheduled soon.

With respect to the unity and the cooperation between the groups of the Parish in the use of the facilities, the needs of the various groups were discussed with the aim for them to be satisfied as far as possible, seeking compromises where clashes were identified. Also, it was agreed that in order to foster the love and the unity we are called to witness as Christians, on the Second Sunday of Lent a special meeting of all the group leaders will take place.

It was noted that the Movie Night for March will take place on the first Friday of the month, on Friday 1st March in St Francis Hall, at 7.15pm and it will feature a great movie: on the life of the Blessed Pope John Paul II.  Refreshments will be offered at the interval and everyone is welcome.

The members of the Parish Council then voted in order to determine the priorities of the Parish Council 2013 Annual Plan and the results will be discussed at the next meeting. In  addition, the proposals for the Laity Week which will be introduced in our Parish this year will also be discussed.

The meeting ended with a Gospel at random, prayers and the blessing. May the Lord have mercy on each one of us in our Parish, strengthen and support us, our priests and our people!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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