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Congregation BannerThe Parish Council met on Saturday, 23 November 2013 and the Agenda included discussion on the commitment each member needs to have, following the consideration on the role of the Parish Council we had in previous meetings, the Annual Plan for the next year, the Parish Calendar for 2014, the Movie Nights and the Holy Cross website.

Regarding the commitment of the members of the Parish Council, it was pointed out that beyond the requirement for regular attendance of the meetings, the active participation of each individual member as well as the support and involvement in implementing the various proposals made and agreed upon, is imperative, by each member, in order to support in practice the work of the Parish Council.  Each member was asked to consider this seriously in examining their conscience as we go forward.

About the vision for our Parish and the Annual Plan for 2014, the Parish Council members were asked for their proposals to be submitted to be discussed at the next meeting. Some members pointed out that they already have proposals to submit, such as a pilgrimage to Rome for the canonization of the Blessed John Paul II on 27 April 2014 (the 2014 Parish Calendar will be dedicated to him), the introduction of a series on the Sacraments of the Catholic Church (to deepen our understanding and encourage their proper use by the faithful) and meetings for teenagers on different themes of the Christian faith. It was decided to pray and for each member to submit two proposals for consideration at the next meeting.

For the website it was noted that it needs to be kept always up to date and that now there is a need for some updates to the information provided as soon as possible. Each member was asked to also review the website and note which information needs to be updated.

Concerning the Movie Nights it was decided for proposals for appropriate movies on the lives of the Saints to be submitted by each member at the next meeting of the Parish Council, so that a list of the best movies is made up for the months ahead. For December, the Movie Night will be on Friday, 6 December 2013 after the evening mass, to start at 7.30pm, on the life of Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

We ask for your prayers as we move ahead in the Parish Council.  May the Lord bless our Parish, our priests and each one of us in His mercy, inspire, strengthen and support us in the year ahead, all His people at the Holy Cross and throughout His Church! Have an Advent full of blessings as we approach the great feast of Christmas. May you experience the mercy and presence of the Lord more deeply than ever before this year!

Akis HjiIossif (Chairman)

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